In the Classroom

Most of the time, volunteers are there to help support the students and staff. They chaperone students on field trips and help pass out snacks throughout the day. Volunteers play a crucial role in making the camp run smooth on a daily basis. In addition, volunteers often lead sport activities in the afternoon.

Volunteers are also needed to help in the kitchen, given the opportunity for volunteers to cook Hmong foods.

Make a Difference

Volunteering is a kind and selfless act but not everyone does it because it consumes time and energy. It can be hard work but you must keep in mind that volunteering is good for others and for yourself. The world is not a perfect place and people can make a difference by volunteering for the students and communities that may need an extra helping hand.

As a volunteer, you will gain important skills and experiences that will help you later in life. You will gain confidence, self esteem, self determination, and tenacity. Hanging out with these kids will relieve stress and you can fight summer boredom. You will be using your mind, body, and creativity to be more active and healthier, not only for yourself but for the kids as well.

You will become a part of our community that will help you make connections which can lead to a job or career in the future. It might even spark a new interest that leads you down a different career path. You will have fun while creating lasting friendships with other staff members, parents, and the students.

Our Daily Schedule

In the morning, from 8am until 12pm, volunteers aid the language instructor on their daily lessons. The volunteer will be informed ahead of time, what they will be doing in the classroom. Most of the time, volunteers are needed to be engage the students in classroom activities.

In the afternoon, from 12pm until 4pm, volunteers are greatly needed because they take charge in the afternoon activities for the kids. Head volunteers are put in charge of organizing and informing other volunteers in regards to the afternoon agenda ahead of time.