Summer Curriculum

Week One

The first week is focused on Kinship. Students will look at their own family and develop their own family tree. They will learn the different terminology associated with family members on both their mother and father's side and how to properly address them.

Week Two

The second week is focused on History. The students will explore who the Hmong people are, where the Hmong people originated from, how and why the Hmong people travelled throughout Asia, and where their own family came from; researching on their own ancestral background. Students will also be taking a pre-assessment test within this week.

Week Three

The third week is focused on Hmong customs. The students will be introduced to the New Year and wedding customs. They will also learn how to execute some customs, such as "pov pob" ball tossing and "kwv txhiaj" traditional singing, both done at New Years celebrations.

Week Four

The fourth week is focused on Hmong cultural arts & crafts and music. Here sudents will be learning about the variety of Hmong musical instruments, Kwv Txhiaj, Paj Ntaub (story cloth) and poetry "Paj Huam".

Week Five

The fifth week focuses on religious beliefs within the Hmong culture. Students will be exposed to both traditonal and Christianity ways of life. Such customs such as: "tis npe laus," "hu plig," "ua neeb," and the funeral processes will be highlighted.

Week Six

The sixth week is used to prepare the students for their final projects, in which they will present at the HLCEP Celebration Banquet. The students will also be reviewing what they have learned throughout this program. Students will be taking post-tests and writing thank you cards to our partners & supporters.